About the Owner

Claudia Yost, Owner

Hi friends! My name is Claudia Yost. I am a first generation college student and self-made entrepreneur. I started my business back in 2019 with no experience on how to run a business, but only the entrepreneurial advice handed down to me by my mother and father. I was raised in Sacramento, California so my business roots were planted there. As of today, I have expanded all the way down to Southern California, where I am currently attending school and sharing my business in local craft fairs around the Los Angeles area.

When I was a teenager, like most others, I had an insecurity with my skin. My acne was so out of hand, I thought the only solution was to cake on makeup to conceal my breakouts. I didn't prioritize actually solving the issue to my skins flareups, let alone listening to my skin's needs. I had tried a number of different name-brand, store bought "skincare" products, but to no avail...I thought my skin had a vendetta against me! My skin would feel dry and cracked, or oily and out of control! Any product I tried would break me out, or cause flareups. I couldn't find a balance within my teenage budget.

It all changed when...

One Eid holiday, I decided to be creative with the gifts I wanted to make for my friends. I remember doing a gift basket for each of my closest friends, and inside I included some home-made sugar scrubs, lotions, bath bombs, and face masks with the recipes I had found. Needless to say, they loved it! That's when I decided to be more experimental, learning what formula's work, and what formula's don't...My skin dramatically improved, my breakouts minimal as I switched to natural alternatives on my skin. I knew if it had worked for my sensitive skin then it will work for others!

My business is my full-time job. I dedicate endless hours and sleepless nights to build this dream job of mine. It's my source of income, and what I love to do most. With any career, it has faced challenges...marketing stumps, inspiration pitfalls, and unsold product...but the love that I have providing my fellow customers with the confidence they deserve in their own skin makes the challenges worth it. Every craft fair event, every sale in-person and online is a milestone I am proud of. Ever since day 1, I have been the woman in charge of all marketing, product brainstorming, production, quality control, label designer, inventory keeper, web designer, review analyst, media manager, product photographer & editor, event coordinator, & so much more behind the scenes. So far, we have been in a few local storefronts and newspaper articles, and soon we hope to be worldwide!

Rosella's Radiance isn't just another skincare company...

Unlike other brands, we prioritize you. Our mission is to embrace your simplistic beauty by fueling your self-confidence in your bare, natural skin! As we help you reach your goals, you are helping us reach ours!