BYOBB - BUILD YOUR OWN BODY BUTTER: If there's one universal knowledge, we all know when it comes to skincare is that not all skin products are made equally! What's good for one skin type may not be the best for another. We're all built differently, and some skin types need different care than others! Whether that's a different type of skin oil, or a preferred butter type, there is not a single skincare item that is universal. That's why I wanted to create this brand new, personalized skin butter that gives you the power to build the ultimate moisturizer for your skin's specific needs! Here is an in-depth profile of each option I am offering!

1.) Butter Base - This is the main ingredient that will make up your Body Butter. You've probably shopped around and noticed that your skin type may take more to Shea Butter over Mango Butter or vice versa, the power is yours here!

  • Mango Butter: This butter is super lightweight, and is the base for all the body butters here on the site! It's the most versatile and suggested from customers because it generally compliments most skin types! This butter is completely odorless and holds a smooth, creamy texture that isn't too heavy on the skin!
  • Shea Butter: This butter is super thick and creamier than the other two. Most of us have probably used a shea butter infusion in their skincare, at one point or another. This is completely unrefined, which means while it does hold the most nutrients for your skin, it also holds a semi-strong natural odor. The scent is very earthly and nutty, so if you choose to not add an essential oil/scent to this base, then you're likely to smell a strong shea butter scent. This is favored from those who need a deep moisturization.
  • Cocoa Butter + Carnauba Wax Infusion: This premium add-on is favored by our customers! We use a low temperature heat to melt the cocoa butter slowly into the carnauba wax, so when we infuse it into your chosen base, it creates a nice, silky-smooth texture to the touch! It delicately and quickly absorbs into the skin, and creates a gorgeous natural glow! The cocoa butter we use is unrefined just like the shea butter, which means it does contain a chocolatey-earthy odor. Please keep in mind that this scent is hard to mask with essential oils/scents, so if you choose to have little to no scent, the natural aroma of this butter will be prevalent! The Carnauba Wax we use is a great vegan alternative to beeswax! It holds much of the same skin benefits as beeswax does, but you know...without the harming the bee's part, which makes it all the greater! The role of carnauba wax is not only to benefit the skin, but it is to help the form of the butter so that it has more solidity, which in turn will give it a more appealing look when piped into the jar!
  • ***IMPORTANT*** You must choose either Mango and/or Shea Butter ALONG WITH the Cocoa Butter + Carnauba Wax Infusion! Cocoa Butter on its own is NOT available without Shea and Mango because Cocoa hardens and CANNOT SPREAD ONTO THE SKIN WITHOUT EITHER SHEA OR MANGO BUTTER. Please be wary that MANGO &/OR SHEA BUTTER ARE REQUIRED.
  • 2.) Skin Oils
  • Skin oils are one of the things that drive us to purchase specialized & personalized skincare products. For example, you've probably heard some people say that coconut oil is bad for your skin and clogs pores, while others say it compliments their skin tone and works as an effective moisturizer. Based on how your skin reacts to certain oils, and what you are looking for specifically to benefit from this amazing body butter blend (i.e. wrinkles, daily moisturizer, cellulite, stretchmarks, etc.), you now have the power to choose which oils work best for you! (Up to 4 to be exact!) For the sake of space, I won't go into specific details on what each oil does for the skin, but here is a description of the consistency of each oil:
  • Castor Oil - thick consistency
  • Almond Oil - thin/lightweight
  • Coconut Oil(unrefined) - creamy/lightweight
  • Hemp Oil - thick/lightly scented
  • Avocado Oil - lightweight
  • Grapeseed Oil - thick
  • Vitamin E Oil - lightweight/skin smoothing
  • Apricot Oil - lightweight

**SUPER IMPORTANT: Please, do NOT order any oils that you think/know you are allergic to. Some of these oils and butters contain or are directly derived from nuts. Please choose wisely and with caution if you are particularly sensitive or allergic to any of these oils and ingredients. We are not responsible for what you choose to order. Furthermore, please keep in mind that depending of the types of oils and how many you choose to add to your specific batch, will alter the texture of the body butter.

3.) Scent %:

  • So many scents, it can be overwhelming! This is where most customers have the hardest time deciding which scent to get! If you have further recommendations OR have questions about the descriptions of the scents, please feel free to reach out or check our other listings for a more detailed scent description! :)
  • Scent % allows you to have complete control over how much essential oils you wish to have in your personalized body butter. This is the level of scent you wish your body butter to have. 25% is very light fragranced, 50% is a little more than that, 75% is almost full strength (mostly covers the shea & cocoa butter scent), and 100% is for those who want the strong, refreshing scent to last! The 100% strength will 100% cover the cocoa butter and shea butter scent!

4.) Arrowroot Powder:

  • Arrowroot is a type of starch that is naturally derived that comes from tropical plants. Arrowroot powder in this formula absorbs oils to give your body butter a smoother, creamier feel. Without arrowroot, your body butter will take on a more liquidy texture than a, stabilized one.

5.) Preferred Color:

  • This color preference is completely up to you. We use a Mica Powder to color our body butters. Mica powder is also naturally derived, and is used in almost all cosmetic products! This is a safer, natural alternative than using liquid dyes that have potentially harmful side effects. Go mica, woohoo!

Once again, if you have any questions at all or need help building the perfect body butter that fits your skin type, please reach out through our Instagram DM's or through our "Contact Us" Page above! I will reach out within 24 hours!